Creating Time! Making New Patterns and Quilt Market Samples…Plus There Is A New Fabric Company In Town!

Creating Fun!  I get the opportunity to play with –and design with– new fabric lines…Things get a little crazy the weeks just before Quilt Market, when fabric companies and fabric designers are madly sewing up samples so show off their goods.

Every once in a while, I will get a surprise package in the mail of bits and pieces (sometimes a yard or two) of fabric strike offs and I attempt to make a quilt with the goods.  Here'bonded%202s are some things I have been working on for the upcoming International Quilt Market.bonded

This is "bonded cuddle" fabric by Shannon Fabrics.  It has a "leather feel" on one side and fur on the other side–the two fabrics have been bonded together and act as one fabric.bonded%203

If you bought a yard of this 60" wide bondedbonded%204 cuddle, all you would have to do is add a binding and you could have a cute snuggly.  We also added some prairie points and some ric rac.

In another quilt project, we added borders to the bonded cuddle center, then we racked up up on the quilting machine with a backing and batting.  We only quilted the borders, then cut away the backing and batting from the center, letting the fur side of the bonded cuddle to show on the back.  I know it sounds complicated, but is quite easy. And lets  you take advantage of the double-sided fabric. anthology

NEW Fabric Company! Anthology enters the Quilting World market.

This project (Threaded Pear Studio's "Modern Day Diamonds" Pattern) is made with fabric from a company –new to the quilting world, "Anthology".  This California based company has been creating beautiful fabrics for the garment industry and last spring introduced its first "quilt shop" fabrics. 

They are doing both prints and batiks and at this October's Quilt Market in Houston, they will be introducing over 125 new batiks to their collection! That is amazing. 

Peter, the owner, is young and excited about creating wonderful fabrics that meets the needs of both the next generation of quilters as well as a seasoned quilter. 



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