Moda Fabric’s “Sweet Rolls (Or should I say “Honey Buns!-Moda changed the name!) and Turnovers” Are Coming To 13 Lucky Winners!

sweetroll.jpgturnovers.jpgGood Morning Buzzers!  I had the girls at Moda pick the winners in QuiltersBuzz's latest contest.  Great comments, we read them all!  We are excited with your enthusiastic response to our latest "pre-cut" fabrics", so says Lissa Alexander, Marketing director at Moda.

Look for Moda's "Sweet Rolls" "Honey Buns" (Moda changed the name!) and "Turnovers" to hit your local quilt shop in the next few months.  Read more about them here.

If you are a winner, email –in the subject line write "I am a SWEET winner"–with your mailing address and your choice….if you want a "sweet roll" or a "turnover".  Moda will be shipping those to you as soon as they get them in November.  Congrats.  And thank you, Moda, for the donations.

 And the winners are:

1. Becky on Sept 24 who… "can't wait to try some new turnovers."

2. Rebecca on Sept 23 wrote…" "give any fabric a foody name and I am all over it."

3. Celia would like Moda to come out with turnovers in white and some basic colors as well…Sept 23

4. "Bring on the turnovers", said Dana on Sept 18.

5. Carrie P. thinks "Moda is the Best.", Sept 18

6. "What a wonderful idea," says Karen, Sept. 19

7. "I can't wait to see how the quilts using theses turn out," said  Virginia H. on Sept 26

8. Sweet rolls and turnovers are so clever according to Terriaw on Sept 18

9. Kelli says, "these things make quilting fun!" on Sept 18

10. I just wonder what will be next…" said Trudy on Sept 23

11. "I use jelly rolls all the time…keep up the good work," said mslizf on Sept 25

12. Melissa on Sept 18 wrote "I don't have as much time as I would like to sew…this helps me skip right to the good part."

13. "I am especially excited about the 6" block cut diagonally to make 2 turnovers!, wrote Linda T on Sept 23.


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2 thoughts on “Moda Fabric’s “Sweet Rolls (Or should I say “Honey Buns!-Moda changed the name!) and Turnovers” Are Coming To 13 Lucky Winners!

  1. Wow, this is amazing! I don’t usually win anything, but now I know it sure doesn’t hurt to try. What a cool way to name and package fabrics – yummy without the caleries! Thank you!

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