Oregon vs. Auburn BCS Championship Game is a Family Feud for the Halladays

As if a family doesn’t have enough to argue about, my brother-in-law, Shawn Halladay and his wife Karen have to be super-refs this weekend.  You see Shawn and Karen, who live in Salt Lake City, Utah have two kids in college. And defying all odds those kids attend Oregon and Auburn. The University of Oregon, located in Eugene, Oregon is 800 miles from Salt Lake and 2,600 miles from Auburn, Alabama. The Halladays had no connection to these schools before choosing them to attend college.


I am not sure if any other family will experience as much sibling rivalry as the Halladays tonight as the BCS Championship is played in Glendale, Arizona and Shawn, Karen and their children Anna and Patrick will be there. Anna Halladay is a junior at Oregon and her brother Patrick is a sophomore at Auburn.  Auburn is ranked #1 and Oregon #2 and the two teams will battle it out for college sports supremacy tonight.
The story was covered in the Salt Lake City newspaper, the Deseret News. They'll be in the stands at the game with daughter, Anna, who is a Duck, and son, Patrick, who is a Tiger. While each of the Halladay children will wear the colors of their respective schools, Karen and Shawn received special shirts from another family member for just this occasion.
"My brother got me a yellow shirt with green letters that says 'Go Oregon (daughter) and Go Auburn (son)," said Karen. "My husband's shirt is Navy blue with orange letters and says the same thing. The kids will be in their school colors."
I can relate to family members pitted against family members. The annual BYU-Utah football game makes for an interesting day at our house when school loyalties trump all and I (BYU) and my husband Hal (Utah) find ourselves gridiron rivals for the day. 

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